The considerable experience accumulated by Italpresse allows us to design and produce pressing line and plants for blockboard and lamellar at the top of the range for the reference market.

Our systems for blockboard and lamellar allow effective bonding and the creation of panels with constant flatness and minimum thickness tolerances.

This careful process generates significant savings in raw materials, tools, energy and labor.

The in-depth study of the processing cycle has allowed us to combine flexibility in processing change and productivity.

Automatic pressing lines for solid wood edge and face gluing (PL/9-CS, GB13, GB13 SUPER, FAST)

Italpresse automatic pressing lines for solid wood edge and face gluing are ideal to produce solid wood panels using hard and soft wood, thin panels, beams, doors and windows frames, ladders, tables, cupboard doors, coffins, etc.

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Cold clamps for laminated beams (STL SUPER)

Cold clamps for laminated beams of the “STL SUPER” series are made with the utmost care to ensure bonding without compromise.

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Automatic lines for the production of panels with 3 or more layers (MARK)

Italpresse has accumulated considerable know-how in the design and manufacture of panels with 3 or more layers, made of strips of solid wood, for construction.

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