Automatic systems, glueing systems and cutters

Italpresse, in addition to producing hydraulic presses, also designs and builds all the services and automations, gluing machines and cutters necessary to supply a complete, “turnkey” system.

We also carry out:

  • integration of robots in our lines
  • retrofit interventions
  • upgrade on existing lines, including those of other manufacturers.

Glue spreader (VELOX, R3, R4)

Italpresses offers a complete range of glue spreaders, of the roller, comb or rain type.

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Brusher (B)

Brushing machines with upper and lower rollers are used to ensure perfect bonding in cases in which thin materials are pressed such as finish foil or glossy laminates. They are recommended in the finishing lines of chipboard panels, MDF, plywood and other porous materials.

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Robot integration

Thanks to a consolidated know-how and an increasingly massive use in industrial automation, resulting in the decrease of costs, anthropomorphic robots are today an often advantageous and efficient alternative to traditional mechanisation.

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Veneer guillotines (MAC/310, F/310)

The features of a cut obtained with a diagonally down-stroking knife rather than traditional knives is by now universally acknowledged: perfect flatness and no splinters at all, that’s to say perfect joints.

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