Italpresse wanted to develop a series of new generation clamps for doors and window clamp, which represent the synthesis of the long experience acquired up to now and of an accurate study on the way of using the machines in carpentry shops.

Particular attention has been paid to the structure, which guarantees rigidity and precision of the square over time, even for “demanding” closings.

The impetuous technological evolution of windows in recent years has generated a request for greater control, with the possibility of working at height or at low pressures; We have responded to this need by designing various innovative solutions, in many cases patented.

The careful study of carpentry work has also allowed us to establish new standards of high ergonomics, trying to make work easier and faster.

In summary, the Italpresse range of clamps for doors and window clamp has been conceived thinking of traditional closing systems but also of the most innovative ones.

More and more companies are in fact adopting, or planning to adopt in the future, pre-squared or mechanical joining windows.


U-Tronic represents an absolute novelty in joinery assembly technology.

The result of a prolonged study on the cyclical and ergonomics in the production of traditional and pre-finished doors and windows for the most demanding customers, it differs considerably from the other presses currently on the market for various innovative solutions designed for the window frame.

Here are some advantages of U-Tronic compared to the state of the art:

  • very fast size change
  • total precision both in pressure and in height
  • extremely robust and reliable mechanics
  • extremely complete, simple and intuitive electronic touch screen interface,
  • possibility of programming in batches or on orders, even from the office, from the network or through labels with bar code.