Automations for press lines (feeders, scissor lifts, belt, roller and disc conveyors for loading and unloading, chain conveyors, transfers, lay up stations, vacuum lifters, panel turners and much more)

Services for pressing lines (pushers, lifting tables, disc tracks, composing machines, loading / unloading belts, roller conveyors, catenaries, suction cups, tilters, etc.)

A special department of the Italpresse technical office deals with the design and integration of services for pressing lines and automation.

By choosing Italpresse you will have the advantage of communicating with a single interlocutor responsible for the design and construction and therefore for the operation of the entire automated pressing line.

Servizi per linee di pressatura

The specific know-how gained by our Automation Division thanks to thousands of installations in the pressing field means that our services have a whole series of devices and features that make them ideal in this context, saving you expensive experiments and leaps into the void.

It is also possible to create a single supervisor software for the entire line thanks to the integration between our Software Office and the Automation Division.

The Italpresse Automation Division designs and builds

  • pushers
  • lifting tables
  • disc routes
  • composers
  • loading and unloading belts
  • roller conveyors
  • catenaries
  • suckers
  • tippers
  • other dedicated services.

It also deals with the integration of robots in the pressing lines (for more information see “Robot Integration“)

We can also retrofit and upgrade existing lines, including those of other brands.