Hydraulic presses since 1954

Italpresse is your hydraulic presses supplier.

Since 1954, Italpresse has designed and manufactured a wide range of hydraulic presses and lines complete with pressing intended both for craftwork and for large industries in the following sectors:


We are also able to design and develop special hydraulic press machine and custom applications based on specific customer requirements.

All the factories are located in Italy, in the area around Bergamo, a place where excellence in precision engineering has deep roots. The investment indices in personnel training and research and development are among the highest in the industry. To directly control all the phases that determine quality and efficiency, we have a large fleet of constantly updated CNC machine tools and an advanced design and order management system.

Our partners can therefore benefit from a unique know how and structure in the sector, the result of a constant investment in the pursuit of the excellence and reliability of the solutions offered.

Italpresse Spa operates with a commercial and assistance network present in more than 50 countries. It stands on an area of ​​75,000 square meters of which 35,000 are covered by warehouses and 7,000 by offices.


ITALPRESSE-USA-hydraulic presses

Headquarter of ITALPRESSE USA