High quality automotive presses

Thanks to consolidated long-term partnerships with some of the most important players in the automotive sector supply chain, Italpresse has developed a unique know-how in the automotive press sector.

In particular, we are specialized in the production of presses and systems for the production of internal and external components and thermal and acoustic insulation systems for cars and industrial vehicles.

Hundreds of our plants around the world produce internal and external components such as

  • dashboards
  • steering wheels
  • central tunnels,
  • interior door panels
  • floor mats
  • wheel housing coverings
  • trunk compartments
  • side coverings
  • support posts
  • roof coverings
  • rear backrests
  • thermal and acoustic insulation panels
  • external body panels in composite materials.

presse per automotive: Linea BG


Currently our production program includes presses and systems for molding, forming, punching and rolling with the possibility of managing the loading and unloading of the pieces and the change of molds with different degrees of automation.

We can also supply the most advanced heating and refrigeration systems to manage cold, hot or hot / cold cycles.