Thanks to well-established long-term partnerships with some of the major companies in the automotive industry, Italpresse has developed a unique know-how in this sector.

In particular, we are specialised in the production of presses and systems for the production of internal and external components and thermal and acoustic insulation systems for cars and industrial vehicles. Hundreds of our systems all over the world produce internal and external components such as instrument panels, steering wheels, central tunnels, internal door panels, carpeting, wheel housing, luggage compartments, side boot covers, headliners and pillars, seat backs, thermal and acoustic insulating panels and composite exterior body panels.

Linea BG per automotive

Our production program currently includes presses and systems for moulding, forming, punching and rolling with the possibility to load and unload the pieces and change the mould with various degrees of automation.

We can also provide the most advanced heating and cooling systems for cold, hot or cold/hot cycles.