Foaming lines with loading trays


Press for foaming with two loading trays  

In this version of the system, the pieces to be foamed are placed in special trays, which can be equipped with a series of accessories required for the different types of product to be made (for example the kit for the referencing of the pieces or for de-moulding). These trays are moved manually or automatically in the press, where the foaming takes place. To unload the trays, different solutions are possible, from the most simple with the loading and unloading from the same side with a single tray, to that with two trays working in pendulum, to that with multiple trays vertically recirculating above or under the press or on a horizontal carousel.

The presses for this type of use are usually hot presses and transfer the heat to the injected materials through the tray. To increase productivity and save space, systems with multi-daylight presses and the recirculation of the trays on various levels can be made.




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