Foaming lines with self-propelled trays


Foaming line with self-propelled trays

In this version of the line, the heating platens are self-propelled and can slide outside the press into a position where they can be easily accessed by the operators preparing, loading and unloading the panels. In this way, it is not necessary to use and move the trays. The injection moulds are arranged directly on the heating platens and are therefore automatically sent to the press for the injection. The hot platens (usually between 40 and 60 °C) allow for the moulds where the foam will be injected to be pre-heated, thus ensuring optimal foaming conditions. Once the heating platen has entered the press and the foaming has been carried out, it will exit in the unloading position.

We offer different solutions depending on the degree of productivity required: a fixed upper heating platen in the press and a lower self-propelled platen, a fixed platen in the press and two self-propelled pendulum platens on opposite sides or on the same side (1+1 system), a fixed platen in the press and four self-propelled platens, two on each side (2+2 system).

A flexible ducting system allows to heat the sliding platens with the fluid coming from a single centralised heating system.

A wide range of mould reference and containment and de-moulding devices is available.

Thanks to special presence detection devices, the maximum safety of the operators is guaranteed, while maintaining maximum accessibility and ergonomics during work.




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