Automatic press line for production of 2-ply and 3-ply parquet flooring

Italpresse had developed an experience of more than 50 years in the design and production of presses and complete lines of pressing for parquet flooring. Whether it’s a single or multiple feeder hot press, or a cold press that presses stacks, Italpresse has a line of unique and vanguard solutions for the different phases of 2-ply or 3-ply parquet flooring.

Recently there has been a notable rise in interest in cold pressing, due to the reduced gluing time with the advent of a new generation of cold glues and an increase in the dimensions requested (especially of 3-ply parquet flooring), which require a more stable gluing. To respond to these new needs of increased dimensions, greater flexibility and elevated productivity with contained costs (consider just the energy savings from cold pressing compared with hot pressing), Italpresse has developed a concept that is revolutionary in the wood flooring sector: the use of robots in the composition and joining of different layers that form the plank.

In the case of 2-ply, the robots use their specific vacuum utensils to pick up the support or the veneer from different stacks, and are able to feed them into the automatic glue spreader. They then join the two layers, with an extreme precision and repeatability. In this way, they are able to create the stacks that will be automatically moved to cold presses with independent feeders with automatic longitudinal and transverse centering based on the dimensions of the stack.

In the case of 3-ply, the robots perform an addition task of joining the intermediate layer of suitably spaced transverse slices, and precisely joining them to the other two layers.

Pressing of single stacks and high precision joining, united with particular devices which the press is equipped with, guarantee the highest quality gluing and a truly surprising stability and dimensional repeatability.

The same line is able to rapidly change from the production of 2-ply parquet to 3-ply. The dimensional change is managed in an extremely rapid and repeatable way, using programs saved in the control panel.