Molding presses

Molding presses:

Italpresse S.p.A. has developed technology and know-how such as to be able to propose integrated solutions of the highest quality in MDF molding for the production of:

  • printed door panels (door skin
  • decorative panels for the furniture industry,
  • friezes and frames in solid wood or wood-based materials
  • aluminum or steel sheets for external doors.

Door skin compression molding presses (GL DOOR SKIN)

Italpresse was one of the first manufacturers in the world to develop presses and technologies for the molding of MDF door skins. 

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Presses for molding of decorative MDF panels (GL)

The new interior design trends require surfaces with more and more aesthetic appeal, even to the touch.

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Presses for molding of friezes and frames (GL)

Italpresse produces a complete range of presses for the molding of elements for furniture, friezes and frames.

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Presses for molding of metal sheets for external doors (GL)

Italpresse has developed a wide range of hydraulic presses for the molding of external or entrance doors made of aluminium or steel sheet, up to 2 mm thick.

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