Multi-daylight door lines (MAGNUM, KOMPAX)

Multi-daylight door lines: Our range of multi-daylight pressing lines for doors cover all levels of productivity and flexibility.

To a simple line with brushes, glue spreader, manual assembling machine, lifting table, automatic loading into the press, automatic unloading, the following can be added:

  • continuous automatic feeder
  • automatic assembly machine
  • frame assembly station
  • cooling systems after the press
  • automatic manipulators for stacking.

The multi-daylight pressing line mod. Magnum provides for the simultaneous loading into the press of multiple doors by means of a multi-level automatic loader. Different sizes, specific pressure and number of daylights are available, depending on the production needs and requirements.

The Magnum model can be configured as an individual multi-daylight press or as two independent superimposed multi-daylight presses, served by a single loader.

The second solution proves to be necessary when, for high productivity requirements, a large number of daylights are required.

In this case, it is very advantageous to reduce the time interval between the end of the composition and the start of the pressing of the door, dividing the total number of daylights into two completely independent daylights.

The self-bearing, solid steel platens drilled for the circulation of the heating fluid at the centre ensure mechanical strength, flatness and the accurate distribution of the upper temperature to any other type of assembled platen. 

High thermal inertia also allows to maintain constant temperatures throughout the entire cycle, without temperature drops at the end of each pressing phase.

The main feature that distinguishes the multi-daylight pressing line Kompax is the possibility to maintain all the daylights of the press at a constant pressure, while only one of the daylights is opened, unloaded and loaded with the next door to be pressed. 

All of this results in extremely high productivity with the guarantee of optimal bonding.