Pressing lines for doors

Pressing lines for doors:

Italpresse offers complete solutions for the production of different types of doors

  • interior doors
  • smooth or moulded
  • fire-resistant
  • armoured

In combination with different types of cores (honeycomb made of cardboard or other materials, full panel, perforated panel, foamed panels, structured supports, etc.).

Our range of presses and pressing lines cover all levels of productivity and flexibility.

Multi-daylight door lines (MAGNUM, KOMPAX)

Our range of multi-daylight pressing lines for doors cover all levels of productivity and flexibility. To a simple line with brushes, glue spreader, manual assembling machine, lifting table, automatic loading into the press, automatic unloading, the following can be added: continuous automatic feeder, automatic assembly machine, frame assembly station, cooling systems after the press and automatic manipulators for stacking.

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Single daylight door lines (V, P, STORM, MARK)

Our range of single daylight pressing lines can be configured according to the productivity and type of doors to be manufactured.

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Cold lines for doors

Italpresse has developed a series of automatic devices and services intended for the cold pressing of doors, such as to configure cold pressing lines with different levels of productivity.

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Manual loading single daylight or multi-daylight presses (XL)

Single daylight or multi-daylight presses in standard or special versions. The wide range of formats and the advanced industrialisation of the product make our range of standard presses unbeatable for price/quality ratio.

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Presses for molding of door skin (GL DOOR SKIN)

Italpresse was one of the first manufacturers in the world to develop presses and technologies for the molding of MDF door skins. We can currently offer a wide range of automatic solutions and single daylight presses and multi-daylight presses, with sequential or simultaneous closing with pressures up to 4,000 tonnes.

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Presses for molding of metal sheets for external doors (GL)

Italpresse has developed a wide range of hydraulic presses for the molding of external or entrance doors made of aluminium or steel sheet, up to 2 mm thick.

Depending on the products to be made, it is possible to mold aluminium or steel sheets using a mold and counter-mold system or a system with a single mold and compensator cushion.

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