Whether it is hot, single and multi-room lines, or cold lines, where you go to press in stacks, Italpresse has a range of unique and avant-garde solutions in reference to the different stages of the production of 2-o 3 layers.

Multi-daylight hot presses

Multi-daylight hot presses MAGNUM

The multi-daylight hot pressing lines with 2 or 3 layers provide for the simultaneous loading into the press of multiple panels by means of a multi-level automatic loader.

Different sizes, specific pressure and number of daylights are available, depending on the production needs and requirements. The line can feature an individual multi-daylight press or as two independent superimposed multi-daylight presses, served by a single loader.

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Servizi per linee di pressatura

Single daylight hot presses MARK

The Italpresse multi-daylight hot pressing lines for laminate flooring with 2 or 3 layers provide for a basic configuration consisting of a loading belt, an automatic press and an unloading belt or roller table.   

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Cold pressing lines PM/DE

Lately, there has been strong interest in cold pressing, due to the shorter time required for bonding thanks to use of a new generation of glues and the increase of the dimensions demanded which require more stable bonding.

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