Lines for finishing and coating panels:

Italpresse provides single daylight and multi-daylight continuous cycle complete pressing lines to finish wood-based panels:

  • chipboard, MDF, plywood, wood strips, etc.
  • with coatings such as veneers, laminates (HPL, CPL),
  • papers (light papers, finish foils)
  • plastic sheets (PVC, ABS, PE, acrylic, etc.).

The configuration of the pressing line can be customised thanks to a wide range of automated systems for feeding, spreading glue, coupling, unloading and stacking panels.

Automatic loading multi-daylight presses (MAGNUM)

This type of Italpresse multi-daylight pressing lines provides for the simultaneous loading of several panels thanks to a multi-level automatic loader. Different sizes, specific pressure and number of daylights are available, depending on the production needs and requirements.

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Automatic loading single daylight pressing lines (V, P, STORM, MARK)

The single daylight pressing lines for panel finishing have a basic configuration consisting of a loading belt, an automatic press and an unloading roller table.


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Lines for melamine (short cycle) (MARK KT)

Italpresse is able to offer a complete range of short cycle lines for direct lamination with melamine. The areas of use are mainly in the furniture and laminate flooring industries.

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