Clamps for furniture (KUBE, SP/1-A)


Italpresse produces a complete range of clamps for furniture. From the manual loading and unloading machine to the self-regulating through machine. The machines can be adapted to special processing thanks to a wide range of optional equipment.



Pneumatic feed through case clamp for high production. The SP1/A automatic feed-through pneumatic case clamp is designed for simplicity and reliability of operation.

The moving assemblies are guided by linear slides with toothed transmission belts maintaining precise movement. The case clamp is controlled by a PLC with selectable manual, semiautomatic, or automatic cycles. The reading of the cabinet dimensions is completely automatic without any input from the operator.



  • Frame made of closed tubular steel sections which grant high stiffness
  • Pressure beams made of high thickness closed tubular steel sections with anti scratch contact surface
  • Pressure bar movement by means of electric motors
  • High resistance pressing plates (bottom and left), with anti scratch surfaces
  • Electric controls for opening/closing of the beams with independent or simultaneous movement
  • Timer to set press time, with automatic opening
  • Indipendent digital setting of horizontal and vertical pressure







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